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Showing SERVPRO fleet photo and text . We help you take your life back

Take control after fire and water damage

You never know when disaster may strike. SERVPRO of Farmingdale / Massapequa will help you stay in control of your life in the event of a disaster. Whether it be Fire, Water, Mold, or Biohazard we are there to help you through it.

SERVPRO Logo with one team one focus

One Team

SERVPRO is a force to be reckoned with. With over 1700 individually owned and operated  franchises we are one team focused on brand recognition and customer satisfaction. Whether you are dealing with one franchise or the storm team, you will never be disappointed.  

Showing Personnel Protective Equipment

Safety First

Whether it's fire,water, or a bio spill we take safety very seriously. Our technicians are trained in hazmat safety and supplied with the proper protective equipment to perform there jobs in the safest way possible.

lead safe certificate

Certified Lead Safe Firm

SERVPRO of Farmingdale/Massapequa takes pride in all its awards and certifications. We feel that knowledge is power and the more knowledgeable your employees are the better your company. We are a Lead Safe Certified Firm. 

Showing the SERVPRO Van

Ready to Roll

SERVPRO of Farmingdale/Massapequa is on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We are on the ready to respond to every emergency situation. Our trained professionals are  Ready TO Roll, Ready To Roll, Ready To Roll

IICRC Certificate

Certified Firm

SERVPRO of Farmingdale/Massapequa is registered with the IICRC and pledged to maintain awareness of and knowledge about IICRC's standards relevant to the certified firm's operations. We will provide service that results in elevated levels of customer satisfaction.

Basement mold remediation

The people who own this home on Long Island were away on a ski vacation when they had a pipe freeze. By the time it was discovered the flood damage turned into mold damage.

Water damaged basement

There never a good or convenient time to sustain a water damage. This usually happens at the most inconvenient time. If this happens to you rest assured that SERVPRO is always on call 24/7.

Commercial fire

A commercial fire might not only destroy a business but may also affect surrounding businesses. The sooner the damage is mitigated. the quicker the restoration process can begin. We are here to help!

Water the good the bad and the ugly

Water can often be cooling, thirst quenching, and refreshing. But on occasion its can wreak havoc if it floods out and damages your home or business. We are here to help!


A mold or mould is a fungus that grows in the form of multicellular filaments called hyphae. In contrast, fungi that can adopt a single-celled growth habit are called yeasts

Fire fighters

SERVPRO of Farmingdale/Massapequa salutes all of our volunteer fire fighters. We appreciate the dedication and personal sacrifice  that each and everyone of our brave men and women endure each and every day. 

Commercial cleaning

In addition to Fire,water,mold, and Bio cleanups SERVPRO of Farmingdale/Massapequa also does commercial cleaning. We offer carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning. We also clean tile grout, as well as duct cleaning.

Be safe

You might not be able to prevent a fire from starting but you can help to evacuate you home if one does. Install smoke and Co2 alarms and test them regularly. Always be prepared.

Flash flooding

Don't let flash flooding or a title surge ruin your day. Have an evacuation plan with a designated meeting place in place to keep you and your loved ones safe. 

Be prepared

A storm could strike with very little advanced warning. Make sure that you and your family are prepared. Always have emergency provisions on hand in the event of an unexpected event.


There are some things in life that should only be handled by professionals. We are licensed insured and trained. Don't trust just anyone with you and your families health, call SERVPRO!

Mold in basement apartment

Mold remediation companies are no longer allowed to do there own assessment in New York State. They are required to have a third party pre and post test to assure no conflict of interests.

Mold Remediation Company

Did you realize that in New York State a mold remediation company has to hold a states license. This law has been in effect since 2016. Make sure that your contractor is licensed and insured.

Hurricane Damage

This year is predicted to be a another bad hurricane year. Make sure you keep plenty of provisions on hand and have an escape plan ready. Most of all, be safe and call us if you need us.

Water front property

A title surge can turn your home into water front property. We hope this never happens to you but if it does we are here to help. Our technicians are trained to handle even the worst water damage.

Water Alarm

Quite often water damage occurs and homeowners aren't aware of it. Some people only go in there basement or laundry room on laundry day. There are low cost water alarms available that can warn you when you are having a problem. This could help minimize damage.


Please remember to check and test your smoke and Co2 detectors. The homeowners in this house were unaware of the fire that was smoldering in there basement. There were no functioning smoke alarms to be found.

Sprinkler system

SERVPRO of Farmingdale/Massapequa responded to a commercial flood loss in Westbury Long Island. The stores sprinkler system malfunctioned causing water damage throughout the 10,000 square foot sales floor.

Burst water main

This is a burst water main in a 5,000 square foot commercial building. The burst pipe caused structural water damage throughout the entire building. As luck would have it the building was unoccupied.

Smoke damage in walls

Sometimes in a fire the damage isn't always obvious. In this case the smoke traveled from the basement behind the walls causing smoke damage to the 1st and 2nd floor. The walls needed to be removed to access the framing.

Fire damaged basement

An electrical fire caused major framing damage to this Massapequa Park basement. Heavy soot damage was present throughout the rest of the home. Thankfully no one was injured in this early morning fire.

Snow storm

A winter nor'easter caused snow to accumulate on the roof of this home. The constant freezing and thawing caused ice damming on the roof. The water eventually made its way through the roof causing water damage throughout the house.

Commercial water damage

Water damage has a great potential for interrupting your business plan. In some cases a damaging flood could force a business to close its doors. Don't let this happen to you be prepared. 

Storm Damage

Living on Long Island there is a real threat of storm damage. During the event  of a Nor'easter or hurricane there is always a chance of a sea surge which could result in flooding.

Residential Mold Project

SERVPRO always follows a third party protocol when working a on a mold project. It is essential to always set up proper containment  and proper negative air when working on a mold mitigation job.

Water damaged flooring

If you sustain  water damage call us. We have the equipment and experience to put you back to a normal condition.  The quicker water damage is addressed, the better the results

House fire

Fire can strike when you least expect it. Always have an escape plan for you and your family. Don't stop to collect valuables. Just get out and all meet at a predetermined spot.


This is a photo of our new SERVPRO van responding to a commercial water loss at a large hotel. When you have the right equipment and training you can take on any job.

Our TEAM at SERVPRO of Farmingdale Massapequa

Our TEAM at SERVPRO of Farmingdale/Massapequa is always READY to serve the Long Island community 24/7 with professional fire and water clean-up and restoration services; and disaster - catastrophic storm response. We also specialize in mold mitigation and remediation, as well as bio-hazard, crime scene and graffiti removal. Count on us for quick response time to help ensure the damage is contained and the restoration begins promptly.       

Proud Sponsor of ROCK the Riv - Massapequa Moms

SERVPRO of Farmingdale / Massapequa is a proud sponsor of "Rock the Riv" with the Massapequa Moms! We are happy to support "Rock the Riv"! SERVPRO of Farmingdale / Massapequa also participates in Long Island Loyalty!

2016 Director's Gold SERVPRO INDUSTRIES Award

Steve and Bill Loiacono are proud to be honored with the 2016 Director's Gold SERVPRO INDUSTRIES Award.  We thank all of staff for their dediciation amd hard work, and our clients for their continued business.  Our team is privileged to serve the Long Island community with fire, smoke, water clean-up and restoration services, as well as disaster recovery services.  

Sewage Back up in Long Island, NY

SERVPRO of Farmingdale / Massapequa was called for a Sewage Backup cleanup.  This photo was taken BEFORE - of the area to cleanup from the Sewage Backup, which came up through the bathroom shower stall and toilet.

Sewage Back up in Long Island, NY

This is the After photo, SERVPRO of Farmingdale/Massapequa completed the sewage backup cleanup and sanitized the bathroom.  The owner was satisfied with the work of SERVPRO of Farmingdlae/Massapequa "Like it never even happened."